Djiki supports two markup languages out-of-the-box:

  • Creole markup
  • HTML (also with a filter, which removes dangerous elements: javascript, iframes, etc.)

The default and recommended one is Creole, which is easy to learn, simple and safe. The following cheatsheet puts it straight:

Creole cheatsheet

Creole cheatsheet

However, Djiki provides some extensions to the original markup.


The standard Creole markup has been extended to handle resizing of images. The standard syntax of {{Image_name.jpg|Image title}} is still valid, however you may add size by typing {{Image_name.jpg|300x200|Image title}} or even omit the title: {{Image_name.jpg|300x200}}.


The headings add anchor tag. For example, the following code:

== A headline

Will have a HTML tag of <a name="A_headline"></a>, allowing to link directly to a section of the text. The link would look like the following:

[[Main Page#A headline|a link to the anchor]]

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